Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Healthy Lifestyle

Modern day busy schedules don’t allow people to go to gym. Having your own gym at home is a luxury. Recumbent Exercise Bikes are a good option of exercise. A healthy lifestyle helps in keeping disease and ailments at bay. It helps in losing weight and improving cardiovascular output. Even American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends exercise bikes for safe and low impact cardiovascular activity. Market is saturated with a number of exercise bikes. There are two different types of exercises bikes recumbent exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes. When considering to buy exercise bike seek advise of your fitness expert, your bike selection will depend upon

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

• beginner or a frequent gym goer
• health status
• aim of exercise (weight loss, improve cardiovascular health or general wellbeing)

Exercising is a technique which should be performed properly if not, it will have detrimental effects and people will develop aches and pains. The desired output will not be obtained and people will be discouraged to exercise.

Body should be bent in a proportionate angle only, else you will experience pain. Take tricks and tips from your trainer before starting your workout session.

Position of legs: the legs should be kept straight and heels should be on the pedal

Knee Pain: This means you are bending more than required

Back pain: This can be reduced by bending a little lesser

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Unlike upright bikes, recumbent exercise bikes have good seating system with hands free. The seats are ergonomically designed to support your back and avoid pain in neck and legs. This bike can be used by people suffering from joint ailments much as arthritis and joint pain.

Seat: the large seat of recumbent bike allows you to sit back and relax. The seats are ergonomically designed and when going down can take the shape of legs.

Handle: you need not put hands on the handle just take a back seat. The weight will be distributed in buttock, hands and feet

Pedal: the foot can be placed on the pedal and few company(s) offer pedals with strap to adjust fit and add more comfort.

LCD Display: Most recumbent bikes come with LCD display system which helps in monitoring of heart rate, distance covered, speed, calories burnt and time.

Upright exercise bikes vs Recumbent exercise bikes

Upright exercise bikes can cause back and neck pain as it comes with small seat and the body will be in inclined position. Recumbent exercise bikes will be little expensive but will come with a large seat adding to comfort while exercising. Upright exercise bikes are light in weight and chances of falling and injuring are higher. Recumbent exercise bikes are heavy weight and occupy a large space in your room or living area. The heavy weight prevents the bike from skidding and hence prevents accidental fall.